Swing check valves are mounted with a disc, which dangles or hang on a shaft or hinge. The dish hangs off the seat in order to let forward flow, and once the flow is stopped, the disc hangs back onto the seat to hinder reverse flow. Disc weight and the return flow have an effect on the shut-off features of the valve.

Most of the time, a lever and spring or a lever and weight are built to obtain the utmost performance. A swing check valves with weight and lever are ideal for setting up an improved possibility of water hammer at normal velocities.  However, a lever and spring swing check valve is ideal for inadequate back pressure, high pressure, and high flow velocities.

One thing that makes our swing check valve apart is that it is maintenance-free because the disc only requires once in a while cleaning. What is more, this is often mounted to allow visual check. So, this valve is usually set up where there is personnel.

We Have the Best Swing Check Valves

Our swing check valves are intended with an aim on fast access to daily maintenance. By unscrewing some bolts, which bonnet assemblage that includes disc and hinge can be eliminated from the body, you can perform maintenance.

Lightweight disc rubber with steel inserting and lip sealing requires some pressure when opening and closing the valve. The disc is built up in bushing that enables it to move a bit both vertically and horizontally to tight close in case of dirt and uncleanness in the seat.

The hinge is made of a stainless steel. It is tightly constricted around the shaft with bolts to get rid of play and make sure toughness and durability. Where limited space is available, you can install the hinge in the reverse position.

Once built up with weight and lever, swing valves in a small size provide priming chance via manually moving the lever. You can easily adjust the weight on the lever in order to obtain a soft-closing opposed to the seat and as a best closing speed to put the water hammer at bay. For extra safety, it comes with a guard that is covering the weight and lever, as it gets rid of the risk of damages.

Our swing check valve is on hand in a flexible seated style, as well as in a metal seated style.

Product Features

  • Disc or bonnet style offers fast access to easy maintenance
  • Disc has a steel insert that is totally vulcanized with high quality rubber, making sure utmost sealing capability
  • Disc lip sealing makes sure tightness
  • The light disc needs a bit of pressure to open and close the valve
  • The disc can move slightly, both vertically and horizontally, to close tightly
  • The hinge tightened roughly the shaft to get rid of play and, as a result, make sure durability
  • Ductile iron that has an epoxy coating

Our swing check valves are highly recommended for wastewater and water systems uses as of the straightforward constructions, field serviceability as well as low force drop in the valve.

We have swing check valves offered in metal-to-metal seat and resilient seating. Please feel free to call our customer hotline number if you want to order or secure for more information about our swing check valves.