There are unceasing demands for globe valves these days. No wonder manufacturers have been on the rise in producing products to meet these increasing demands. But shoppers must note that not all companies can provide and deliver products that they exactly need.

Our company understands the demands of customers and businesses for quality and functional products, that is why we commit to supplying premium quality and top of the line globe valves to meet their exact needs.

Get to Know More about Globe Valves

Globe valves are linear motion valves and are intended to start, control, and stop the flow.  A Globe valve’s disk can be eliminated from the flow path, or it can close the flow path.

Regular Globe valves might be utilized for proper confinement and effective throttling services. Even though these valves show somewhat higher pressure drops as compared to straight-through valves such as the ball, plug, and the gate, they might be utilized where the pressure drops through the globe valve isn’t a controlling factor.

Since the entire structure pressure applied into the disk is moved into the valve stem, the breaking point in size for these valves is essentially NPS 12 or DN 300. Globe valves that are greater than NPS 12 are exceptions to the norm. Greater valves would require that massive forces be applied on the stem to open or to close the valve under tension. Globe valves in sizes NPS 48 or DN 1200 have been created and utilized.

Globe valves are broadly utilized to regulate flow. The scope of duty, pressure drop, and flow control should be considered in the structure and the design of the globe valve to turn away untimely failure and to guarantee excellent and satisfactory service. Globe valves exposed to high-differential pressure-throttling service administrations need specially designed globe valve trim.

For the most part, the most significant differential weight or pressure over the globe valve disk ought not to surpass 20 % of the most incredible upstream pressure of 200 psi, whichever is less. Globe valves with exceptional trim might be intended for applications exceeding these differential weights or pressure limits.

The Typical Applications of Globe Valves

We provide a complete range of globe valves that our clients can use in many different applications such as:

  • Turbine drains and seals
  • Turbine lube oil systems
  • Boiler drains, vents, and the low-point drains when safety and leak tightness are the main considerations
  • Chemical feed, feed water, extraction drain systems, and condenser air extraction
  • Fuel oil systems wherein the flow is controlled, and leak tightness is of great importance
  • Cooling water systems wherein the flow needs to be controlled

The Benefits You Can Get from Our Globe Valves

If you choose to invest in our products, you get to experience the following benefits:

  • Moderate up to good throttling capacity
  • Great shut off capability
  • Shorter strokes as compared to gate valves
  • Available in different design and angle patterns and each special providing functions
  • Easy to resurface seats and to machine
  • When the disc isn’t attached into the stem, the globe valves can be used as stop check valves

We Have Been Serving Businesses and Clients for Many Years

We have been in the globe valve manufacturing industry for many years now. Over the years, we have remained consistent in delivering a full range of quality globe valves for low-pressure applications. We are also a trusted supplier of other related products like Ball valve, Y-strainer, and more. We are one of the leading and trusted companies specializing in different parts and components that suit varied purposes and applications. We have many factories fully equipped to create and deliver quality products to our customers.

We Deliver Products that Matter to You

With a complete range of globe valves available in stock along with our reliable and fast support and services, we make it easier for our clients to find the products that they need. With our one-stop approach and our competitive pricing, you are guaranteed to obtain the best value when you shop for globe valves with us.

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