Providing high load capacity as well as fair and smooth surface finish, our stainless steel balls can be utilized in ball bearing as well as roller designs in cosmetics, automotive, food processing applications and a whole lot more. We are also the leading supplier of industrial stainless balls for difference uses, ball screws, ball bearing, linear guides, and a whole lot more.

We are the market’s leading manufacturer when it comes to stainless steel balls. These are utilized in nail polish, valve pumps, spray paint bottles for agitation, appliance components, sprinkling systems, casters, locking mechanisms, drawer slides, semi-precision bearings, and many other consumer and industrial products.

We Provide a Wide Array of Stainless Steel Ball

We offer a wide selection of stainless steel materials like 904L, Nitronic 50, 440, 430, 420, 316L VM, 316L, 316, 304, as well as 302. Each of our stainless steel ball is passivated. There are also other stainless materials, but they are available upon your request.

Why Choose Our Stainless Steel Ball?

There are many good reasons why you must choose our stainless steel ball. Some of these reasons are:


Our product is made of a material that tough metal, gives it a higher resilience than other materials used. This is a remarkable perk, particularly when you consider the volume of pressure in the parts where they are utilized. The materials deliver higher capacity that other products may not at all times handle. Furthermore, these don’t end up damaged, making it far safer and even more reliable.


This is also a good reason why our product is one of the best. The fact is that the material is highly efficiently in handling hot and cold temperatures as well as high levels of pressure with no other issues, which make it one of the toughest products. Our stainless steel balls have excellent resistance to rust, thus greatly decreasing on maintenance requirement. This adds to the toughness and durability of the product.

Corrosion Resistant

Corrosion can be remarkable cons, especially when dealing with frequent water or fluid contact. The stainless steel balls we offer using high quality stainless steel allow that resists rust and corrosion, providing them the capacity to survive wear and tear through such contact. These stainless steel balls are effective choices.

Low Maintenance

Provided that the fixtures are well set up, they will not call for much maintenance. However, they still perform their best levels. It’s an outcome of high resilience resulting in heightened efficiency as well as low failure rates. Costs are cuts immensely, which make it a perfect option anytime.


The truth is that stainless steel balls make cheap or affordable fittings; hence they are easy to acquire even in residential uses. Considering how long lasting they are, they make remarkable cost-effective investments in both residential and industrial uses.

Call Us for High Quality Stainless Steel Balls

To obtain the best results with the selection, always settle for a dependable company. We are among the online market’s most reliable providers of stainless steel balls.

Get the best materials your facility needs, which include a huge selection of stainless steel balls. Look for the best stainless steel balls stocks which suit your construction, manufacturing as well as industrial needs. Our staff can help you find the product you de