Everyone is looking for 3 Way Ball Valves that are high-quality and robust enough to resist heavy usage and extreme condition.

Here at ShunCheng Casting, we got you covered by creating a wide range of metal accessories, such as pipe fittings and many more.

The 3 Way Ball Valves are widely used for piping applications. This type of ball valves can be used in different industries, including aerospace, environmental, and more.

The Best 3 Way Ball Valves Designed For Your Needs

The 3 Way Ball Valves that we produce can be used in several ways. The ball inside its valve is intended to its closure member. You can close and open the valve by rotating the ball that is located in the center area of the body.

The Characteristics of the 3 Way Ball Valves

As a customer, it is your right to know the characteristics of the 3 Way Ball Valves. As a manufacturer, it is our responsibility to give you what you want. You will know the different characteristics a 3 Way Ball Valve has in this section.

  • Self-Cleaning – One of the good things about 3 Way Ball Valves is that it has the ability to clean itself. This is due to the high-speed fluid that takes away the dirt and other things accumulated inside the pipe.
  • Wedge Sealing Structure – The stem, a part of the 3 Way Ball Valves, creates force, which requires the ball to seat, which protects it to the changes in pressure that may happen in pipes. You can guarantee sealing even during different conditions.
  • Low Torque – The stem part of the 3 Way Ball Valves enable the valve to close and open with ease and convenience. Opening and closing the valve can be done quickly because the product features a small handle.
  • Jacket Structure – You can maintain and check the valve that you attach to the pipes directly. This will help you to prevent more costs in the future. Take note: You must install the valve into the pipe horizontally.

Advantages of Using 3 Way Ball Valves

  • The 3 Way Ball Valves are available in different applications
  • The sealing and ball will get separated from the medium when the valve is completely closed or open.
  • It can be maintained easily and conveniently, considering the valve’s simple body structure. Aside from that, it also has a flexible sealing ring. On top of that, you can also replace and disassemble it in no time.
  • It gives you a more convenient operation. This means that you can open and close it quickly. By just turning the valve up to 90 degrees, you can now close and open it. This is beneficial especially for remote areas
  • It has a reliable and robust sealing. Our 3 Way Ball Valves are made from different materials, each highly durable. It also features an excellent sealing, which is mostly utilized for the vacuum system.
  • Considering its simple body construction, you can ensure that it is lightweight and has a lesser volume

Why Choose Our 3 Way Ball Valves?

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