The use of Reduced 3000 psi Ball Valve in any type of industry is very important since it provides great convenience to them during the whole operations of their machines and systems. Ball valves are inexpensive alternative solutions to other valves in the market. These types of valves utilize a metal ball that has a hole bored at the center and sandwiched between the two seats to control the flow of the fluid or gas. These are mainly used in several hydrocarbon process applications since they are capable of throttling vapors and gases. In fact, ball valves are also useful for some low-flow-situations. These products were designed to have a quick opening and provide tight closure on the fluids that are hard to hold.

Things to Know About Reduced 3000psi Ball Valve

Nowadays, ball valves are a widely utilized mechanical product in all types of valve markets. These are mainly composed of the valve seat, valve body, ball, transmission device, and a valve rod. The core of the ball is driven to function and rotate by its actuator in order to achieve the switch function or adjustment. These types of products are very useful to them because of these exceptional benefits them. In fact, many industries such as the chemical industry, water treatment, machinery, environmental protection, and some food industries use ball valves in their daily operations. With the help of these products, these became very popular as time goes by.

If you wish to buy ball valves for your industry, then it is advisable to know first its different types. With these types, you can combine various products with several functions depending on their connection, structure, driving form, pressure level, and others. At some point, it is also essential to understand the two types of differences between the reduced bore and full-bore ball valves. At least, you can make sure that you can choose the right one based on your needs.

Generally, when the inner part of the valve’s diameter is equal to or less than 85% of the inner part of the diameter of a ball valve port, then it is called a reduced bore type of ball valve. On the other hand, when it’s more than 95% of the inner part of the diameter of a ball valve port, then it is recognized as a full-bore type of ball valves. So, what would be the difference now between the two in terms of applications or selection? To keep you a hit or idea about this matter, we will give some more explanations about the product.

Application Media

The full-bore type of ball valves is generally utilized for conveying slagging and viscous prone medium pipelines. With the small fluid resistance on the pipelines, it can be considered that there’s no flow of resistance. That’s why it is convenient for a systematic blower and paraffin scraper to pass through. On the other hand, the reducing type of ball valve is perfect for conveying gas or any medium that contains physical properties like water properties. It is because the weight of this is about thirty percent lighter compared to the full diameter type of ball valve. Thus, its flow resistance is just about one-seventh of the diameter of a glove valve. Moreover, it is useful to reduce cost and pipeline load.

Application Process

For that pipeline that requires regular pigging, a full-bore type of ball valve should be used regardless of what medium is being transported. Once the medium passes through this kind of ball valve, then it will not have a decrease in its flow, which provides low resistance flow. In some instances, if the core pipelines in gas and oil require to be placed underground, a full-bore welded type ball valves should be used. The reducing type of ball valve, on the other hand, is a perfect option for those working conditions that contain small or low requirements for convection resistance.

It is always important to know the different types of ball valves for you to use them perfectly and based on your purposes. We have some sorts of ball valves which you may consider for your needs. You may even try the reduced 3000psi ball valve that we offer so that you can have a guarantee that this can handle great pressure on the pipe.