Y-strainers take its name from their unique configurations. These are cast in different sizes with socket weld, flanges end, and threaded connections. If on the market for Y-strainer, we are the company to contact.

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Strainers are commonly the most economical choices for effective debris removal. These are often used in liquid or gas and pressurized lines but can also be utilized in vacuum and suction conditions. These products have the advantage of easy installation in a vertical or horizontal position. In similar cases, nevertheless, the “leg” or the screening element should be the downside of the body of the strainer; therefore, entrapped solids can be collected properly and held for proper disposal.

Y-strainers are available in many different materials. Common materials used are bronze, chrome-moly, stainless steel, cast steel, cast iron, and more. Y-strainers are equipped with blow port. The ball valve is fitted to flush the unwanted debris that can be removed easily from the screen and then exhaust to a drain system or the atmosphere. Such special feature permits easier cleaning with no interruptions on the process. Some perforations, mesh, or the combination of both are made available to address your exact requirements.

Our company carries a large inventory of y-strainers so you can rely on us for your construction and shut down requirements. Feel free to check out our full list of strainers available and contact us today for more information. We advise you to check on our strainer catalog and see if you can find the ones you are looking for.

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Our Y-Strainers are essential devices for mechanically eliminating undesirable solids coming from gas, solid, or steam lines through wire mesh or pierced straining element. They are utilized in pipelines for the protection of regulators, meters, control valves, pumps, steam traps, and many other process tools and equipment.

Our Y-Strainers are extremely effective and practical in numerous applications. If the quantity of materials to be eliminated from flow tends to be small, bringing about such longer intervals between the screen cleanings. The strainer screen is cleaned manually by closing the line down and eliminating the cap of the strainer. For those applications with heavy dirt loading, we have Y-Strainers usually fit with blow-off connection allowing the screen to be cleaned without actually taking this from the body of the strainer.

Y-Strainers are utilized in a wide range of liquid-straining applications to secure downstream cycle structure components in numerous industries such as power generation, chemical processing, marine, petroleum, and more. Certain applications, such as water handling, requires the use of strainers to protect pieces of equipment that can be clogged or damaged by gravel, sand, and debris are common.

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Our Y-strainers were created and designed by our talented and creative professional staff. They are highly capable of designing and delivering products to address your specific demands and particular application. Our Y-strainers were manufactured using the finest and most durable materials to ensure top of the line products delivered, which will result to customers’ ultimate satisfaction. We are a highly preferred supplier of Y-strainers. We promise to manufacture and provide Y-strainers correctly, even for the first time. Contact us if the need for such products arises.

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