Fittings, couplings, valves and many other related products highly in demand these days. Camlock couplings are also known as lever arm couplings are actually standardized worldwide particularly to MIL C 27487.

Coupling plugs are being pushed to the socket and through adjusting the lever that’s pressed against replaceable seal. These lack interior placed valves therefore the complete throughway is guaranteed at all times. Couplings acc. to the EN 144020-7 which is previously known as DIN 2828 is fully compatible for such purpose. These are different only in hose connection’s thread design and seal.

Are you on the market for quality couplings? We are a reliable company worthy of your trust. Our couplings are completely supplied with safety cotter pins. These also come with safety hand levers protecting it from accidental decoupling. Customers are advised to be cautious because there are risks of injuries. Prior to decoupling, ensure that coupling isn’t under intense pressure.

We are the company you can contact if you are in search for premium quality fittings, valves and many other products. Our EN 14420-7 products were designed to meet every client’s requirement. We pride ourselves in our dedication to serve countless customers worldwide.

What Makes Our Products Stand Out?

It is true that there are numerous companies offering the same products that we offer but what makes our products stand out are the following:

  • Usage of Premium Quality Seals


Our products, including the EN 14420-7 are low maintenance simply because these are made of very durable materials.


  • Insensitive from Surface Rust


The processing of the electro-polished stainless-steel surfaces offer less downtime and longer durability.


  • Flat Sealing Screw Connection


Through this, connection is guaranteed to be easy to maintain and durable.

Advantages from Getting Our Products as well as Services

If you choose to shop with us and invest on our services and products including the EN 14420-7 products, you get yourself entitled to the following advantages:

  • Flexible Solutions


We provide our clients with customized solutions to meet their needs and address problems at hand.


  • Top Quality


We have numerous factories all over the world and we only deliver top of the line products including EN 14420-7 products.


  • High-Performance


Every product is expected to perform in clients’ best interest.


  • No Hidden Problems


All our products including EN 14420-7 products are completely tested prior to leaving our warehouse.


  • Timely Deliveries


If you place your order for EN 14420-7 products, you can be confident that our products will reach you in a timely manner. We consider punctuality as one of our core values.


  • Industry Solutions


We take pride in having advanced and fully equipped machines and experienced professional team that can supply you with quality EN 14420-7 products.


  • Best Price


We always adhere to reasonable and honest pricing. We have many exclusive factories so we can offer you a good wholesale price.


  • Outstanding Professional Service


We always deliver professional customer service. We always aim to exceed clients’ expectations and ensure this ultimate satisfaction.

As mentioned, we have many fully equipped factories and factory houses with hundreds of professionals with core team composed engineers, all have rich knowledge and extensive experience in this field.

Where to Buy EN 14420-7 Products?

There is no better place to shop for quality EN 14420-7 products and other casting and machining supplies than online. There are varieties of choices so you are guaranteed to get the products that you are exactly looking for. But if you choose to shop online, make sure to commit with a legit online source to make sure that you will get authentic, durable and premium quality supplies.

We mainly operate online, ready to accommodate your every need. Feel free to visit and explore our page and see our product offerings. If looking for EN 14420-7 products, we definitely have a specific product category page that you can check. There is a wide range of options for our clients to select from under this category.

If you have chosen the products that you need, feel free to keep in touch with our sales representative to assist you with your purchase. We also attend to any concern and inquiry regarding our products so do not hesitate to talk to us if you have one.

Through the years, our hard work paid off as we maintained our consistency to deliver products with unmatched quality and durability. Contact us now or reach us online for your orders.