Tank connectors, also recognized as tank inlets, are types of tank fittings that are made up of plastic or brass with a flange on the center or on its side. Both sides have tightening nuts that can be tightened by hand or using a wrench. These are used to link a PVC pipe from a liquid storage tank. Further, the fitting of it has a threaded end that contains 2 back nuts in order to enable the linking to the tank wall. It has one plain at the end to link the valve of the same size. Tank connectors are useful in your DIY projects at home for your convenience.

Along with this product, you may also try to buy a tool for tank connector, which is commonly utilized to easily make an awkward job of removing or fitting a connector to a water tank. It also allows you to tighten and turn the fittings with one hand. This type of work was previously needed extremely long arms or two pairs of your hands. The difficulty with tank connector fitting is that you need to reach over the inner part of the tank to hold on to one end of its connector in a fixed position while you are also using your other hand in tightening the nut on its outside part. The larger the tank or the water, the harder this task may be, and it may be impossible in some cases. However, with the use of an extra tool, you can do the job well done without too much difficulty.

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