Normally utilized to restrict the flow of fluid to one direction, check valves play a significant role in all kinds of liquid networks. We have been manufacturing high quality control valves and top quality check valves for many years now. Our wafer check valve is a spring-assisted, super lightweight model, provides many exceptional perks over typical or conventional valves.

What is a Wafer Check Valve?

A wafer check valve is a firm thermoplastic body that has a thin wafer profile. This makes it a perfect check valve for uses, which needs valves that have short lengths. Like swing check valves, wafer check valve comes with a firm thermoplastic disc and a seat arrangement that carries out the check action.

In another way, fluid raises the disc off the seat and enables fluid to go freely. In the opposite way, fluid drives the disc to the seat, which makes a seal and avoids returning. As it has a slip profile, this valve is not likely to block, making it ideal to use in service lines with solids and large debris.

This is also used where it is vital to make sure fluid flow passes in just a single direction. This can also be mounted in horizontal or vertical ways, with just one restriction being a slight back pressure needed to seat the valve properly. Level and spring assists and weight machines are available to help in closing it faster to lessen water damage issues.

Our wafer check valves have a dual/center guided style that increased stability. On the other hand, the seat and disc arrangement makes sure a tight shutoff, getting rid of the threat of reverse leakage and so, avoiding dangerous water hammer. The fact is wafer check valves are perfect for application in systems where water hammer is of high risk. Providing reliable and consistent operation and making sure low maintenance expenses, our wafer check valves can be utilized for an extensive array of pressure combinations, which make this ideal for an application that involves gases, liquids, and steam.

Features and Advantages

  • Our wafer check valve is a superb choice for various applications where mounting space, water hammer as well as flow limitations are concerns.
  • Our wafer check valves are made to be sandwiched inline between dual flanges of pipe in the piping system, putting little weight to the layout of the piping. Our wafer check valves are lighter, smaller, and stronger, less expensive as well as more efficient than traditional swing check valves. They are also easy to set up between line flanges and standard gasket.
  • Aside from being light, they are also easy to store and install, and provides the following perks:
    • Short disc travel with less effect pressure caused by the closing of the valve
    • The disc closes fast with less water hammer pressure.
    • Low flow resistance.
    • Horizontal as well as vertical installation available
    • Low opening
    • More reliable because of lower impact forces and less water hammer

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Reliable, versatile as well as super lightweight, our wafer check valves are made to lessen the threat of water hammer and its different related problems. Enabling a low maintenance and consistent service, our offered valves are perfect solutions for a wide array of applicati