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What is Pipe Union

For those who don’t know, it’s is a fitting item that is intended to combine two different types of pipes. You can detach the joined pipes easily and conveniently without worrying about possible pipes deformation.

If you want to connect a pipe that requires a simple process but gives an efficient seal, then you can rely on our fittings. Joining and detaching pipes have never been easy without our product. This is one of our most purchased products in the field of pipe fitting.

Three Parts of Pipe Union

Our pipe union fittings consist of three different parts. These are the male end, female end, and a nut. A nut is necessary to provide enough amount of force when joining a male and female ends. These three parts are being joined with the use of a nut or radial screw that features a cross-section. When there is an extreme outside force that pulls the pipe union, the nut or radial screw cannot hold the two ends anymore, which results to the breakage from the union of the male and female ends.

Types of Pipe Unions

There are two different types, which are the flange union and the ground joint union. These two are different from each other because the flange union comprises two pieces, while the ground joint union consists of 3 pieces.

Applications of Pipe Unions

They can be used in different applications, both industrial and municipal. But in most cases, our customers use them for the following applications. Remember: These are but a few possible industries where you can use them.

  • Wastewater and water
  • Process piping system
  • Fire protection

Advantages of Pipe Union

Our pipe unions offer you a lot of benefits. These include the following;

  • It enables you to join vessels with your preferred piping system
  • This is a good product to regulate and insert metering devices into a wide range of plumbing applications.
  • This product is beneficial in different piping systems. If you want to disconnect a point without worrying about possible leakage, you can rely on our pipe union fittings.
  • It enables you to connect two pipes of unique sizes
  • Joining and detaching two pipes can be done easily and conveniently
  • It can be installed in no time
  • It is economical
  • Resistant to any corrosion
  • Durable
  • Made from quality materials

Why Choose Our Pipe Unions?

There are a lot of reasons you may consider our products. Our product is engineered by professional teams. Here at ShenCheng Casting, we want to make sure the satisfaction of our customers. Therefore, we only offer not just the best but also the most quality items.

Here are some of the reasons that would encourage you to work with us;

  • We are knowledgeable professionals
  • We have the best customer support
  • We only use the quality materials
  • Our quality products are available at a fair price

If you are working with pipes, you only need the best pipe fittings. With us, you don’t have to worry about possible pipe leakages.