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For many industries, Camlock coupling, which is also known as groove and cam fittings, is very known. We are using innovative technologies that offer you a reliable and simple technique for disconnecting and connecting hoses without requiring you to utilize other equipment. One of the good things about this technology is that it is easy to use, suitable for various purposes and settings, and is extremely versatile.

Our camlocks are known for being a quality duty coupling. That being said, these tools are good for industrial, military, agricultural, and homebrew purposes. But most of our customers are using it in industrial environments. This is because most hoses in industrial environments are wider and larger.

Our products are best to use for transferring wet and dry equipment. Aside from that, this can be used for transferring sand, fuel, water, or food. That’s why our products are popular in different industries. Since camlock is being used for transferring multiple substances, we provide you with  all kinds of pipe fittings that are made from the accurate materials that can handle such a job.

As we mentioned earlier, we considered Camlock coupling as a versatile tool. But keep in mind that the usage of this tool has its limitations. This means that a single type of coupling cannot handle a particular type of substance. A safety tip from us: Do not use the groove and cam couplings for steaming purposes. This is because Camlocks are dangerous when used for this kind of purpose, which may result in an explosion.

We offer various styles and sizes of products that customers can choose from.  The uses of Camlock depend upon its styles. This is also true with the materials used for producing the tool. The following are the styles of Camlock coupling that we offer;

  • DP: Dust Plug
  • DC: Dust Cap
  • F: Male thread adapter
  • E: Shank adapter
  • D: A coupler featuring a female thread
  • C: A coupler that features a hose barb or shank
  • B: A female coupler that features a male thread
  • A: A male adapter that features a female thread

We provide lots of benefits to a wide range of products since it is a very handy tool. When purchasing a Camlock coupling, make sure that you know and understand where it should be used. This will help any customers to pick the right tool that can perform the job properly. Another important aspect you need to keep in mind when selecting , make sure that you will pick the one that has the accurate size to perform the work rightly.

Why Should You Choose Us

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Our staff is checking the products before we send them to our customers. Another thing that we prioritize is the satisfaction of our customers. That being said, we make sure that our products are thoroughly tested, making sure that it does not have hidden issues.

Flexible Solutions

We offer flexible solutions to help solve your current problem.

High Performance

All of the products and services that we sell can meet the interest of our customers, and that is 100 percent sure.

We are known to be passionate when it comes to producing high-quality couplings and other fitting products that are good for different purposes. For many years in the industry, we know and understand the applications and requirements need by our clients.

That being said, we deliver our products to every corner of the world. We are here to reach different customers coming from every corner of the world. You can rely on our services. We are always here to give you the products made with high-quality. Since then, you can rest assured that our products can perform its job properly. The good thing about Camlock couplings is that anyone can use it for multiple purposes.