Do you have any experience working in textile manufacturing or any pharmaceutical or chemical process industry? If you do, you are probably aware that the ball valve is a part of the rotary valve or quarter turn. The valve will be opened if you turn the handle, which is attached to the ball inside its valve. The valve will also move in response to mechanical pressure or fluid.

There’s a ball containing a port inside the valve, and that is the hole at the middle part. Once the hole is aligned with both ends of the valve, then the liquid can flow quickly through it. If the valve was already closed, the hole would be on its perpendicular to the end of the valve, which hinders the flow of the liquid.

There are several industries that make use of butt weld ball valves to control the fluid. Some of these companies are gas and oil manufacturers, paper manufacturers, textile manufacturers, steel manufacturers, power plants, sewage and water plants, pharmaceuticals processing, and petrochemical and chemical manufacturers.

There are two kinds of ball valves, namely: the standard port and the fill port. A standard port has a slight flow control and uses the smaller ball. The ball is quite smaller compared to its pipeline. It has a smaller port as well. On the other hand, a full port type of ball valve uses an oversize ball to allow the unrestricted flow of the fluid. The size of the pipeline is identical to the size of the ball. So, it has a lower damage to friction. The utilization of the different kinds of ball valves provides several advantages to those industries across the world. Without the use of these ball valves, fluid control might be a great concern or issue for these processing and manufacturing companies.

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